Thursday, December 29, 2011

Liberty Underground

Liberty Skis recognizes all the best parts of skiing, from deep days and first tracks to just cruising with friends and hanging out in the parking lot afterwards. To celebrate that we’re proud to announce a new series of events called Liberty Underground. How does it work? Follow Liberty via the Demo Tour and Facebook. Liberty Underground Events will be announced a week or so in advance and will be kept totally informal.
Liberty Underground #1 will take place Noon, Friday January 6th at Bridger Bowl Montana. Look for the Liberty Van in the Parking Lot. We’ll meet up grab some turns, get some video of shredding the best Bridger has to offer. We’ll have some informal contests for chances at winning prizes from Hestra, Poc, Kicker Audio, Trew, Discrete Headwear, and Clif Bar. Sound good? See you there.
Keep tabs for the next event, which will take place Friday January 20th at Eldora Mountain in Colorado. 
Come Party!

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