Thursday, December 8, 2011

Now With Video!

We're taking it to the next level here on the demo tour by once again incorporating video! Look for weekly videos from here on out featuring you! That's right, I don't need this to be a one man show, and now is your chance to show off how much fun you're having with Liberty.
Hestra. Pure happy for your hands.
 I also made a trip to Hestra to pick up some of our giveaways. If you haven't put your hands in a pair of Hestra gloves before, you'll have a chance at the demos, and even a chance to win a pair.
POC! You want this on your head. Trust me.
Our goodies from POC showed up this week as well. What does that mean? Follow the Blog, and Twitter feed for chances to win it. I'll be handing out a pair of goggles this week at Crested Butte. Speaking of Crested Butte, join me at Butte 66 tomorrow, Friday Dec. 9th from 3 to 6 for a chance at a free pair of Double Helix's. That's right FREE DOUBLE HELIX's. Be there.
We're soo Money. Found at a bar in Winter Park.

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