Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From a Whirlwind to Utah


Do you ever feel like the Tasmanian Devil spinning around?  A Tornado leaving a path of debris in you path?  Well things have been a bit like that for me and Squall~E.  Squall~E is the Van.  A 2003 Dodge Sprinter that gets 20+ MPG of 5cyl Turbo Diesel.  The name came on the way up Berthod pass for the first demo of the season.  It was a snow-squall and we where sliding around the hair pin corners.  This was made into and adjective (squallyn') and so was earned the name for the beast.  Squall~E 

Inspired by Wall-E himself...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opening Daze, Powder Haze, & Empty Lift Maze

HERE IT IS!  I can only wish your home mountain opening days to be this good every year.  How about to be this good even mid season!?  This is how it went down for Steamboat

Comment a link to an early season edit that you've made, We'd love to see it and maybe even post it~

Happy Turns


Monday, December 6, 2010

Loopin, Lappin, and Hand Slappin

Steamboat, to Liberty Skis Headquarters in Avon, to Powder Addictions, to riding Winter Park, and many hand met greetings sums up this past weekend.

Leaving Steamboat on Saturday after running around tying up never ending loose ends I was thankful for dry roads making for stress free travels.  My first destination, Liberty Headquarters to pick up an overflowing box of skis to be the new fleet for Powder Addictions.  "Serving up fresh lines daily," this new cat skiing and snow-machine tour operation is located in the newly constructed quaint village of Winter Park Resort.  These guys are only two years old and seem to have the vision along the fresh lines of those crazy toddler artists who sell their paintings for way more than the cost of 7-10 runs out of new snow cat.  Which in my opinion, is much more valuable.    

Their art, is letting you paint the 2600 acre canvas of Jones pass on a pair of Liberty skis.  

After meeting the welcoming crew....well who wouldn't be welcoming of the guy who shows up with loads of new Liberty Skis?  It was high fives all around!  But seriously, after hanging with the PA crew I crashed with my friend Travis to rise the next day for some skiing.  

It was great to see so much terrain open and with near worry free coverage.  A crew of us lapped the well developed early season parks, the down-hill course which is always fun in it's snowy state, and found good powder stashes in the glades of the Mary Jane and Winter Park zones.  I wish that I had some shots of the day on the hill but our crew was too big and we where having too much fun to stop for Getting The Shot (GTS-ing) but rest assured that high fives, fist pounds, and maybe even some fist pumps thumped to the rhythm of good times.  So, in lieu of no photo proof, it is my hope that you will come and see things for yourself this weekend at the Winter Park Demofest.  

Happy Turns~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Park Demo Fest!

Kicking off the LBRT to Ride Tour is a consumer demo at Winter Park resort December 11 and 12.  This weekend will be filled with music from Skull Candy and of course plenty of ski, snowboard, and even snowshoe demos.  Each demo that YOU SKI a pair of Liberty Skis at will get you one entry in a contest to win a pair of skis and a day of cat skiing at POWDER ADDICTIONS on Jones Pass.  So come out and join the Liberty Bamboo Revolution!