Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back in the 'rado.

Sunset shot from the Saddle of the Demo Van.
"You don't leave Jackson Hole during a storm." Ask anyone who has ever skied Jackson during a storm and they will tell you that phrase is surely somewhere in the New Testament. But, in sub-zero temps, with this winter's largest storm barreling straight towards the Tetons and 55 inches in the forecast, that's exactly what I had to do. Sure I thought about staying, but the price for getting paid to ski all over the country is having a schedule to keep, and skiers to make happy. That, and if I was having any more fun I'd just be greedy.
Lost Trail. More than meets the eye.
Before I got to Jackson Hole I did a demo stop at Lost Trail. Lost Trail? Huh? Where is that? Lost Trail is a smaller locals hill on the Montana/Idaho border. Filled with fixed grip chairs, flannels, and plenty of powder, Lost Trail kicks ass. The locals live for skiing, and for a tiny hill, Lost Trail holds some legit, scare-yourself-silly terrain. I even had some help from Missoula's Back Country Racks. Check them out at Little hills might lack the glam of big resorts, but the people who ski them everyday are just as dedicated as any "Big Resort INC" ski area. They all love Liberty as well.
Best way to get ready for a not-so-big day.
I left Lost Trail with some happy Liberty converts, as well as a well fed ski patrol thanks to Clif Bar. From there I went straight to Jackson Hole and did as all should do in a Mountain Town in Wyoming. Played cards and prayed for snow instead of luck. As posted earlier the snow is coming, but I'm already gone. Instead, I took out some shop locals on a special sneak preview of next years skis. In turn they showed me some Jackson Hole secrets. I never imagined going caving at a resort.
The Blue Room. Nuff said.
 Now I'm looking forward to a Liberty Underground at Eldora this Friday. Meet at 1pm at the top of the Corona Chairlift. Be ready for impromptu contests that will favor no one. Expect swag from Liberty, Trew, Poc, Discrete, Kicker Audio, Clif Bar, and Hestra. Don't forget the demo on Saturday at Monarch this weekend either!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bozeman or Bust... A re-cap.

Choppers, Bikes, and Ski Tunes. One Hell of a Garage.
My time in the Northwest is dwindling, and in the last few weeks I've had more than my fair share of fun. From my first sunrise outside of a truck stop in Oregon to this last weekend in Bozeman there hasn't been a dull moment. I've skied deep snow, skidded on ice, been buried in ClifBar wrappers, tuned skis in frigid garages filled with motorcycles, and slept on more couches than I can count.

The view from the top of Lone Peak doesn't suck...
Bozeman was a blast. The pilot Liberty Underground project was interesting. The snow was soo icy it was possible to see your own reflection in it. Wild. We made the best of it and had fun.

Turns out the van doesn't charge through soft snow. Thanks Cat!
I'll be headed to Lost Trail, this weekend before heading back to Colorado to do a bigger and better Liberty Underground event at Eldora Friday January 20th. Meet me at noon in the parking lot. There will be more prizes from Kicker, POC, TREW, Clif Bar, Hestra, and Discrete. more contests, and a cookout afterwards. On Liberty. Come join the fun!