Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

The Squaw Tram high over the Liberty Van

 The last couple weeks have been a little wild to say the least. After leaving Colorado last week the I've put on two thousand miles and made stops at 5 resorts.
Chicken and Waffles. Demo Tour Rules don't let you skip this meal.
 In California we traded storm clouds for sunshine, and busted out the grill at the demos. After four grueling days of retailers checking out 2013 product we became one of the more popular tents as starving retailers and other indy ski companies. You're welcome Rocky Mountain Underground!
Thumbs up Spotting!
Not much snow at Mammoth this year, but I'll take some Spring skiing early.
 After all the driving I'm here in Utah getting ready for some on hill demos, and a Public Demo at Alta on Friday and Saturday. We'll also be giving away skis three times this week! Three Times!

Tonight in park city at the No Name bar, Thursday in Ogden at Brewskis, and Friday night at the Canyon Inn in SLC. Drink some Coors and win some skis!

The Best way to settle anything. Snakes and Ladders.