Thursday, September 30, 2010

Libertry Bamboo Revolution Tour TEASER

Tomorrow is October 1st. Right now I'm thinking about the Liberty Bamboo Revolution Tour. Next Month WE WILL BE SKIING!

In my video editing class we learned this week about this YouTube/Google feature called 'Search Stories'. Here is one I made to tease up the hair a bit. Soon we will be doing full on Perms! Enjoy~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Behold! The e-zine = Magazines look out!

A computer sits on your table way longer than any magazine. 
While this may not replace the shiny print, it probably wont get all wrinkly and 
dusty in your bathroom after it's been on the table for two months. 
Check out this Word Pressed compilation including a very useful size comparison between three of the best up-coming outerwear companies: 
Lethal Decent, Saga, and First Drop.
Also including a Colorado Mountain College entry as well as a Liberty Helix ad!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lightpole Illuminating Lustrous Independence

Friend, peer, colligue, skier, photographer, designer, bean cobbler, Lightpole Clothing founder, and fellow world citizen Noah Wetzel has been a contributor to a few things dropping into the LBRT-FreeDemo equation very soon.  His vision is aimed to explode his Lightpole diffusion with high concentration gradient in Steamboat Springs, CO and Salt Lake City, Utah.  

In the midst of this movement, he as provided me with the photography and companionship to produce a video introduction for this tour, and with a tee-shirt design both of which will remain a mystery for only a short time now.  Currently we are working out the details to have Lightpole ride with us in some way shape or form on this epic journey.  

I was proud to see this article in the September 19th Steamboat Today newspaper~ Congratulations Noah!