Thursday, December 22, 2011

Demo Tour Whirlwind Results in Snow

Better Words Don't Exist.
I'd like to think that the over 2,000 miles I logged in 5 days have something to do with Winter deciding to show up to the party. The whirling forces spreading off the van's perpetually moving wheels must have created enough of a tumult to dissipate the high-pressure system hovering above the Rockies like an the alien ships from the movie Independence Day. I'm pretty sure meteorologists will tell us otherwise.
Chaos on the Road
 The route up to Mt. Bachelor from Liberty World HQ was mostly a smooth one. I saw some serious carnage, drove a van filled with skis through the middle of Utah's desert, and spent some time sleeping in a truck stop. Between the Kicker sound system and sneaking into my supply of Clif Bars I managed to drive through the night and into Oregon. The snow was better than the locals said it was (They're spoiled in the North West) and then got set up for a demo in the middle of the one shady patch at Mt. Bachelor under a cloudless sky. Oh well.
Mt. Bachelor is a pretty place.
 Then it was off to 49 Degrees North and Schweitzer for some Demoing and riding with the Ski Patrol. It was pretty amazing teaching a bunch of Patrolers that they could ski the same terrain on wider skis with less effort after getting them to change their technique.
Just Dumping!
Finally I made it home to Missoula for Christmas. The best part? Over 10 inches and an empty parking lot. After some serious time spent riding express chairs and paying for parking it's good to remember why showing up to the "local" hill can be so good. Video up soon!

Looking forward to more deep days!

Enjoy the winter and Happy Holidays.


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