Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Butte to Bend. N-Dub Here We Go!

Crested Butte. The grinch rode down this on a sled to deliver gifts to the Whos.
Crested Butte was a RIOT. Between the National Brotherhood of Skiers, a river of Coors, and some fantastic sunshine I barley made it out alive. There are few authentic mountain towns these days, and Crested Butte is one of them for sure. The people are friendly, the hill is steep, and everyone rips.

Is that a Ski-bow?
I may have witnessed one of the first ever Ski-Bows as a free-heeler was inspired by Denver Bronco's QB Tim Tebow. I'm not a football fan but I thought this was hilarious. Two points for the tele crowd. I also got to hang out with the locals on my day off. Crested Butte knows how to spend a sunny Sunday on the deck for sure.

Nothing beats a Bloody.
In other news we got our gear in from Discrete! You've never looked so good keeping your ears warm.
Soo many Colors! First person to guess mine in the comments wins a Hat.
 Getting ready for the tour has been an adventure on it's own right. Between packing up, saying good byes to everyone here in Avon, and sampling strange Chinese beverages things can get a little different. We don't only just play Foosball.

Jake's Game Face.

Now the sneak peak of next year's gear...

As you can see next years graphics rock
We've been getting ready to unveil all of next years products at the trade shows. Here's your first peek at next years skis. The graphics are better than ever, and they ski well too!

Lastly the Van is finally stickered up and ready to hit the road. I'll be at Mt.Bachelor Saturday, 49 Degrees North on Sunday, and Schweitzer on Tuesday. What's up Northwest!

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