Monday, November 21, 2011

Copper, Coors, and Carves

Free Stuff! Coors and Liberty hooking it up!

The first stop of the demo tour went off without a hitch this past weekend as the van and I parked ourselves right in the middle of Copper's Burning Stones Plaza. Between the high-energy base area Muzak, fresh snow, free donuts, and constant stream of smiles all day long we couldn't have had a better time.

The best part may have came on Saturday night when Coors put on a happy hour and gave away a pair of Double Helixes. At first I couldn't believe how many people stuck around from the demo just to have a shot at a free pair of skis, but then I thought about how many people loved them throughout the day even though November snow is anything but deep.
He's not blurry. He's quivering with excitement!
I have to give credit to the winner though, his strategy of buying me drinks moments before the raffle seemed to have some sort of karmic effect. He was so happy he wanted to buy me more drinks, and I had to assure him that there was no direct correlation between buying me booze and winning skis.

For another shot at winning Liberty Skis with Coors, be sure to join me at Winter Park Dec 3rd for their demo day and Coors Happy Hour afterward.

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