Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am coming HOME!  I'm currently sitting in Nick's Greek Kitchen in Park City, Utah about to embark on the 6 hour drive back to Steamboat just in time for another amazing demo day filled with people stoked on Liberty skis Monday January 10th, 2011!  

Utah has been amazing (Video to come).  Not as deep as it can be, but none the never fails to impress.  People, places, food, & mountains.  Good vibes here and a lot of people left looking for where they can buy Liberty skis.  Well Utah, for now it's just back yard,  But if you happen to go into the Sports Den on Foothill Drive.  Tell them that they need to be stocking the full line-up next season.  I forecast that this will become more true than a 100% chance of snow from your trusty weather source.

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  1. Jeff,

    Thank you so much for letting me participate in your demo today! I tried the Double Helix in 174 and had an absolute blast. In the powder today, they were the ideal ride-- nicely rockered and incredibly wide, I almost felt guilty, like I was cheating something, as I surfed through the trees. On big hits, the skis maintained and proved absolutely rock solid as landing gear, which I wouldn't expect from such light skis (as with foam core skis); I'm definitely a believer in bamboo now... Really nice graphics too, love the green.

    And contrary to my initial reaction, they were very nimble skis in the soft stuff. I had just come off of my carving skis and was expecting too much from a powder ski on the hardpack. In a quiver of 3, it would definitely be my top choice for my powder boards (currently I have Dynastar Huge Troubles in 185).

    Enjoy your time at Mt. Baker, it's a really unique and beautiful place. And be sure to bring your snorkel too, big dumps.

    Best regards,